J. Olive Co.’s extra virgin olive oils come from the best producers and the most highly decorated mills across the world.  We import our EVOO from countries in the Northern Hemisphere including Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, and the state of California and from countries in the Southern Hemisphere including South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Australia.  Our oils are imported from each hemisphere at optimal harvest time because…


Freshness Trumps Everything!!!  Here are the most important factors considered in choosing our EVOOs:

  • How ripe the olives are at harvest.  Our olives are harvested as green fruit, which is 2-4 weeks before most other olives.
  • The time between harvesting the olives and milling them.  Our target is 2-4 hours from harvest to milling.
  • The temperature used for extraction.  Our oils are heated to no more than 69° F during extraction to preserve the integrity of the oil.

These factors create an olive oil with phenomenal freshness and quality which leads to improved health benefits.  After the milling process, our oils are subjected to rigorous chemical analysis so that we can bring you, our customers, proof of the exceptional quality oils that we provide at J. Olive Co.

All of our oils are 100% natural, Non-GMO, and gluten free.

From Modena, Italy, our balsamic vinegars are a low calorie and healthy way to add great flavor to your foods!  There are many “balsamic-like” products on the market that are poor quality and comprised of thickeners, added color and sweeteners.  At J. Olive Co., our balsamics are all natural, gluten free, with no added sugar and certified as Non-GMO. This is what sets our balsamics apart from what you see in your local grocery store.

The taste of our white balsamics is fruitier and less bodied than our more traditional dark balsamics.  Both our white and dark balsamics are great over salad, fruit and as marinades.  Try our Traditional Balsamic Condimento with any of our Ultra Premium EVOO over a delicious Caprese Salad.