How can I find the chemical analysis of your olive oils?

The chemical analysis as well as the harvest date can be found posted on the information tag on each EVOO.This information is very important to ensure that you receive the highest quality and freshest EVOO on the market.

Can I replace butter with olive oil?

Yes!  You can replace any type of oil that your recipe calls for with olive oil. Additionally, our butter-flavored olive oil can replace butter or margarine in any recipe! See the conversion chart here >>.

What is the shelf life of olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

We want to provide you with the freshest olive oil possible.  Therefore, we bottle our EVOO in the store.  We recommend olive oil to be consumed within 1 year of being crushed for optimal taste and antioxidant levels.  We provide you with the harvest date on all of our oils.

There is no expiration date on balsamic vinegar.

How should I store my olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

They should be stored in a cool dark place such as your pantry or cabinet.  It is important to keep olive oil away from light or UV rays to retain the highest health benefits.  This is the reason our bottles are a dark color.  Olive oil should never be stored in clear containers.   Balsamic vinegar’s shelf life is indefinite.  Vinegar is self-preserving due to its acidic nature.

Can you cook or fry with olive oil?

Definitely.  Our EVOO is low in free fatty acids, which results in a higher smoke point.  To get the most health benefits of your EVOO, choose one that is high in polyphenols (antioxidants) when cooking at higher temperatures.  See article below:

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