Balsamic Burgers

Balsamic Burgers


  • 1 lb. lean ground beef

  • 1 Tsp Koestler Prime or Ely's Seasoning

  • 2 Tbsp J. Olive Co. Neapolitan Herb Balsamic

  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mix ground beef, seasoning of choice, and balsamic in a bowl.

  2. Shape ground beef into 4 hamburger patties.

  3. Heat grill. Place burgers on hot grill and cook until internal temperature reached 145-165 degrees.

  4. Serve hamburgers with your favorite toppings, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon etc. Delicious on buns brushed with Butter olive oil and placed on grill to toast! Enjoy!

Recipe modified from The Spicy Olive